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Acupressure for Fertility DVD

Acupressure and Yoga to Improve Fertility

According to the ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), health is optimized when Qi (a Chinese word used to represent the “body’s vital life force”) is allowed to flow freely throughout the body, bringing energy and nourishment to all the tissues and organs.  And, alternatively, if the flow of Qi is disrupted or unbalanced, one’s health deteriorates, manifesting itself in a multitude of symptoms and health conditions, including fertility issues.

For thousands of years, TCM doctors have been using acupressure to restore the flow of Qi throughout the body.  By applying pressure and gentle massage to specific key points on body, the flow of Qi and blood are optimized, and health is improved.

Rooted in the centuries-old principles of TCM and validated by modern research, Acupressure for Fertility is a gentle acupressure practice designed specifically to enhance reproductive health in women and men who are trying to conceive.

In Acupressure for Fertility, licensed acupuncturist Shasta Tierra L.Ac will guide you through an easy to do acupressure series, allowing you to use the tremendous restorative power of acupressure to:

  • Restore balance to hormonal and endocrine systems that regulate ovulation and the menstrual cycle

  • Reduce stress and anxiety and increase the production of endorphins

  • Increase blood flow to all of your reproductive organs

  • Improve the success rate of IVF procedures

  • Improve sperm health in men

Acupressure for Fertility: bringing the ancient healing power of acupressure to your fingertips.

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